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Crystals by Lindsay Lombard

£45.00 / On Sale

A3 archival quality inkjet giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm with faux gold leaf on the facets of the crystals and border. Limited edition of 10: once they're gone they're gone.

Crystals by Lindsay Lombard was made into a print to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amelia's Magazine. This image also appears in the book That Which We Do Not Understand (available from this shop).

Crystals was inspired by the power of crystals. ‘Structure within the piece reflects the idea of an energy grid which is a technique used to create a healing energy with the stones. And in the same way that different areas of the body would have a crystal placed upon it, I wanted the colour in the piece to be quite spaced and represent these different areas.’

Read an interview with Lindsay Lombard about her artwork here. 50% of profits (after print, packaging and shipment costs are met) go to the artist.

£45 plus P&P