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Saint Agatha by Grande Dame

£80.00 / On Sale

A3 archival quality inkjet giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm with loads of faux gold leaf in the patterned background, this edition was created from a bespoke screen print made exclusively for Amelia’s Magazine. The print features a protective matte gloss varnish which gives a beautiful finish. Limited edition of 10: once they're gone they're gone.

Saint Agatha by Grande Dame was made into a print to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amelia's Magazine. This image also appears in the book That Which We Do Not Understand (available from this shop).

Tiff McGinnis (aka Grande Dame) is a highly collectible multi-disciplinary artist who recently hosted the spectacular solo show My Voodoo On You at the Ink_D Gallery in Brighton. Saint Agatha is the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer Patients, Rape Survivors, Bell Ringers, Bakers, Jewellers, Martyrs, Wet Nurses, Fire and Volcanic Eruptions, and is depicted carrying her breasts on a tray because they were cut off when she refused the advances of a high ranking magistrate. Tiff was drawn to this subject because 'I went to Catholic school for 12 years and have always been intrigued by religious iconography. Later my mother introduced me to Saint prayers, which are really a kind of personal voodoo for when you want or need something… Although I am not religious, I believe in the power of concentration and visualisation.'

Read an interview with Grande Dame about her artwork here. 50% of profits (after print, packaging and shipment costs are met) go to the artist.

£80 plus P&P