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Black Cats by Lorna Scobie

£45.00 / Sold Out

A3 archival quality inkjet giclee print on Somerset Velvet 330gsm with faux gold leaf on the cat’s eyes. Limited edition of 10: once they're gone they're gone.

Black Cats by Lorna Scobie was made into a print to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Amelia's Magazine. This image also appears in the book That Which We Do Not Understand (available from this shop).

Black Cats was inspired by the superstitions associated with these creatures. ‘Whether they are the bearers of good or bad luck, black cats are subject to our superstitions from England to Japan. Here I have confronted this prejudice, and filled the viewers vision with silent black felines. Are they evil omens, or are they just like any other cat?’ 

Read an interview with Lorna Scobie about her artwork here. 50% of profits (after print, packaging and shipment costs are met) go to the artist.

£45 plus P&P